Natural Beginnings Doula and Postpartum Services -
Postpartum Doula/ Night Nurse Services:

A postpartum doula or night nurse is a professional who specializes in newborn and post delivery care. These services are used to help new families adjust to being home and finding their new groove. Samantha helps each family to customize these services based on their individual needs. To book services please email Samantha.   

Day time hours (7am-9pm): 
$25-30/hour for all clients
-A minimum of 4 hours within city limits and 6 hours in the suburbs. 

Night time hours (9pm-7am): 
$30-35/hour for non-doula clients
-A minimum of 8 hours is required

Placenta Encapsulation Services:

Placenta encapsulation is the process of cooking, dehydrating and grinding the placenta to be placed in capsules for consumption. Samantha offered both raw and Tradicitonal Chinese Medicine (TCM) preparation for encapsulation. This allows the client to pick which form they will benefit best from. 

The encapsulation process is done in Samantha's Lakeview home, with pickup and drop off within Chicago city limits, Evanston and Oak Park For suburban and in home options please contact Windy City Doulas. The fee for encapsulation is $300. Tinctures are offered at an additional charge. 

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