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Please feel free to contact Samantha with any questions regarding services. Samantha tries to return all emails and calls within 24 hour, when not at births.

Phone: 224-565-6615

We decided to go the home birth route after researching our options in the early months of pregnancy.  Our Midwife gave us a few choices, Sam was one of them, which we interviewed and ultimately chose Sam. The main reason was she was so down to earth that I knew she could get along with my fiesty husband and take charge at the same time if something was to go wrong. We also liked the fact that she could still come along with us if we had to go to the hospital to give birth. We were impressed and comforted by her great amount of expertise which we learned from taking one of her child birth classes. 

The day of the birth we called Sam at 2 am and she comforted our anxiety and asked us questions that would help her understand how far we were. As the labor progressed she came over and gave me little exercises like going up and down the stairs and swaying my hips to help move the baby around. She was the one who passed along the info to our midwife of how far along I was. 

My midwife came over and 30 minutes later we gave birth to our son. Sam was there adjusting my pillow, helping me drink water, and encouraging me while I pushed. 

After the birth, she checked on us frequently and gave us tidbit of info to help that we still use today. I would recommend Sam to anyone whether home birth or hospital birth to have by your side. We will use her again in the future and wouldn't think to go elsewhere!-DL 12/2014

I had never thought much about the type of child birth I wanted until I got pregnant with my first baby. Almost immediately, I became very passionate about trying to deliver naturally. While I knew I had a very supportive husband at my side, I decided to work with a doula to take some of the pressure off of him and to give me greater peace of mind and confidence in what I was about to attempt.

I never knew how much I needed a doula until I began meeting with Samantha. With each conversation, I learned more and more ...things that I hadn't learned in  a class or read in a book. She has so much real-world experience to share about preparing to give birth, the birth process itself, and how to ensure you carry and deliver your baby on your terms. 

Samantha became my advocate and fought for what was important to me and didn't let the hospital environment interrupt the type of birth I desperately wanted for me and my baby. Even after the birth, she has continued to be a great resource and friend as I navigate motherhood and,specifically, breastfeeding.

Samantha gave me the knowledge and confidence I needed to bring my son into the world in the most natural and wonderful way, and I will forever be grateful to her for that gift.-AS 11/2014 

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