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How having Gastric Bypass made me a better doula
You're going to be a what???


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How having Gastric Bypass made me a better doula

Four years ago today, I was heading to the hospital for my weight loss surgery. I was 21, a senior in college, and taking half a semester off to, hopefully, change my life. 
Now, I know that some people might thing: Eeek! 21 is really young to have such major surgery. But make no mistake about it - I was FAT......and not like "Oh, I'm the chubby friend" fat; I was the “I'm not even 5'3" and I weigh over 340 lbs.” fat. 

Between doula work and nursing clinicals, my body ached and I had had enough.

You're going to be a what???

Doesn't every little girl want to be a doula when she grows up? No? Well I'm pretty sure I did.

As a little kid, I loved dogs, birds and babies. I would constantly tell my parents I planned to be unmarried, have 10 babies and live in their basement. Can we say: classy??

My baby/mom fascination grew. Apparently on a family vacation at age 3, I demanded to know why my aunt didn't nurse my cousin, all while trying to argue "breast is best.” I was the weird kid who would sit and chat with my friends' moms while they were nursing.
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